Hi, I’m April Smith (she/her), Blogger & Personal Growth Coach Chronically Ill.

I have an unshakeable belief that your body is sacred, just the way it is. I also believe that you deserve tools and resources for your personal growth journey that are centered around your unique needs as someone with chronic illness.

As someone with a chronic illness, I know that it can be hard to feel included in the personal growth community. I want to create a community where all experiences and ways of being in our bodies are honored and to help you grow in whatever way you desire, so you learn to live rediscover your sense of self-worth, learn compassion and acceptance, and live a life you create for yourself – and that isn’t determined by your chronic illness.

We all deserve to have our uniqueness honored, and to have methods for personal growth that fit who we are in this moment – without trying to fit into molds that weren’t created with our needs in mind.

With over a decade of experience applying the teachings of yoga and other mind-body techniques to my own life, and with the recent addition of EFT Tapping and coaching skills to my toolbox, I’m able to craft personalized and holistic experiences for my clients to help empower them by discovering tools and techniques that honor their uniqueness, rediscover their purpose, and help them find a sense of purpose and self-compassion that comes from within.

Fun Facts About Me

I’m a proud dogmom who is honored to care for a special needs furbaby for the last 8 years.

I love all things coffee! I’m more a fan of trying different blends and styles than I am of the sugary-sweet drinks, but come fall I definitely can’t be without my PSL!

At the beginning of the pandemic, I taught myself how to crochet as a way to help my anxiety and stave off boredom while practicing what is safe for my family’s needs. I’ve also discovered that I love doing it while watching TV – I always feel the need to move around and this helps give that energy some focus!

I recently discovered Adult Ballet and am loving it as a way to practice loving & sustainable movement that is safe for my neurological condition. I’m not practicing in a studio – yet – but I’m having fun with online classes.

Coming Soon

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