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Are you feeling overwhelmed with stress and like the joy has been sucked out of your life?

Would you like to have a plan of action that will help you learn to live with more ease, balance, and a deeper sense of fulfillment every single day?

I’ve been there, too – and I found a way to break up with burnout & chronic stress so I can feel more balanced while being able to show up for my life with more energy, compassion, resilience, and best of all – JOY.

Hi, I’m April! Just a few years ago, I was operating on empty at a 9-5 job in the financial industry that was very demanding. I was feeling out of balance, and like I had no energy for the things and people I cared about the most.


It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that I realized how burnt out I was and how much I needed to change the way I was living. I had to shift from struggling to keep up and feeling like I had no time for self-care to intentionally slowing down and making my self-care practice a priority.


Luckily, I had years of experience with yoga to turn to, as well as tools like EFT Tapping and journaling. It was this experience that led me to becoming a Certified Coach and EFT Practitioner so I could help others prevent and recover from burn out and overwhelm.

Now I want to help others learn to break their ties with burnout & chronic stress, too!

If you’re ready to step out of “giver mode” and say “goodbye” to overwhelm, strained relationships, stress-induced health problems, you definitely want to join the waitlist for my upcoming workshop series “Break Up With Burnout”.

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