Simple & effective strategies that provide accessible spirituality and personal growth to help you reignite your spark by embracing your uniqueness.

The Space Between is for people looking to stop struggling against their diversity and embrace their uniqueness so that they can establish spiritual and personal growth habits to help them reignite their inner spark and experience more joy.

Hi, I’m April Smith (she/her)!

I’m a queer, neurodiverse, and chronically ill Certified Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, and former yoga teacher whose passion is to help people like you embrace the things that make you unique, while creating spiritual & personal growth habits that cater to your specific needs.

I worked with April and feel that the time I spent with her was very valuable. My goal was to make some positive changes in my life and develop healthier habits. I had a lot of things in mind, but April helped me to figure out what I was really after, and where I needed to start.

With April’s help, I was able to start with something simple and achievable, and then build on that success. April has great active listening skills, but also brings up thoughtful questions that help me refine my goals and see things from a different perspective. My time working with her has made a significant positive difference in my life in a short amount of time.

Matt Griffes

April’s coaching sessions have been invaluable to me! She helped me change my confusion to clarity by patiently, intently, compassionately, and non-judgmentally creating a safe place for my thoughts and feelings. I felt “heard”. Her insights into my experience empowered me to decide upon my own workable Plan of Action. I highly recommend April!

Jody Ruth Birnberg

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