Personal Growth Coaching

for the Chronically Ill

I help those with chronic illness learn to rediscover their self-worth, compassion, and acceptance.

Learn to live life by design, not by diagnosis.

Hey friend, I’m April.

I’m a Life Coach who’s also chronically ill.

I want to help you cope with all the things living with neurodiversity and chronic illness can create in your life, like:


  • emotional distress
  • chronic stress
  • loss of purpose & sense of self
  • lack of joy in living just as you are
  • self-awareness and acceptance
  • …and more!

My goal was to make some positive changes in my life and develop healthier habits. I had a lot of things in mind, but April helped me to figure out what I was really after, and where I needed to start. With April’s help, I was able to start with something simple and achievable, and then build on that success.

- Matt G.

April’s coaching sessions have been invaluable to me! She helped me change my confusion to clarity by patiently, intently, compassionately, and non-judgmentally creating a safe place for my thoughts and feelings. I felt “heard”. Her insights into my experience empowered me

- Jody B.

On the blog

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3 Amazing Lessons My Chronic Illness Taught Me About Burnout

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